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Moskou doet alle yoga-scholen in de ban

–  News item from   –  Dutch Online Newspaper  –   Moskou doet alle yoga-scholen in de ban De Russische overheid laat yoga-scholen sluiten uit angst voor ,,verspreiding van nieuwe religieuze vereringen en bewegingen”. Dat blijkt uit brieven die Hatha-yogascholen in Nizhnevartovsk hebben ontvangen, waarin de eigenaren werd gesommeerd te stoppen. Volgens die brieven,    […]

International Yoga Day

International Day of Yoga is a Major Offering from The Indian Nation to The World. Yoga’s Roots are Essentially in the Indian Subcontinent. It is Something Every Indian would be Proud of. There can be No Better Way to Manifest this Pride than Through a Rendition of The Indian National Anthem. ​This Video features an    […]

A Thank you to my Bhutanese friends

Welcome to my first Blog on the Cayenne Mind & Body website … In the year 2007, it was my first time I visited Bhutan. Bhutan is The Kingdom, situated in Asia, where GDP is measured in Happiness. As they say, it’s “The Country of National Gross of Happiness”. During this trip I met a lot of    […]