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Cayenne Mind & More has Specially Started 'KIDS ACADEMY' for Children in age  from 7 till 16 years old.

Focus on The Individual including his/her Environment
The Cayenne Kids Academy is Focussed to Put Your Child in his/her Natural Power. Aimed at Strengthening Both Individual as well Awareness of the Environment.

This, contrary to what many Parents & Educational Institutions believe in Social Pressure, primarily provide the Child with Knowledge and Knowledge, in order to take everything out of the child. The transition to a subsequent school year or reaching a subsequent league level is thus prioritized.

There must be a change. The Child Individual and also Relationships should receive more attention. We do this by Naming it, by Speaking it, Feeling it, but also in the form of Role-playing Games. Communication skills, Self-esteem, Dare and Love for Self will be Developed in a Positive Way.

Support - Official Organizations
Cayenne Mind & More has also sought to provide a Contribution in Consciousness to Your Child. We are Supported by Various Official Organizations with related Subsidies. Together we would like to work for you as a Parent & amp; Child. See our Training Programs.

Kids Academy Training Programs
To strengthen the children in their Natural Power, the Cayenne Kids Academy offers various Training Programs. Without being swollen, but with our Holistic & amp; Enthusiastic Approach We Let Your Child, And In The Most Training Programs, Also Parents, Experience Life In A Whole Other Way. This from the Perspective & amp; Mindset that the sum of ONE is Greater than the Sum of the Different Parts Together.

Our Offer, Make Your Choice !

1) Ki for Kids
2) Reiki for Kids
3) Mindfulness for Kids

4) Learning to Flirt - for Kids NEW !
5) Change Your Mindset - Fixed to Growth
6) Social Media Training - Parents & Children
7) Pippi Langkous Workshop SPECIAL !

8) HSP - Workshop for the Whole Family
9) HSP - Dealing in a Better Way with
10) HSP - Education for at School

11) Bullying the Boss - in the classroom
12) Dealing with Anger

Contact Service Desk
- If You have Any Questions or Remarks; Please Contact our Service Desk

- We offer all our Kids Academy Programs only in NL & BE

- For Training & Treatment Abroad, Check


for Kids !


for Kids !