Health is a State of Complete Harmony of All
When One The Gates of The Soul go Open
Work Daily to The Balance of your Soul


Mind Body & Spirit has to work as One
If so Anything is Possible  in Your Life
You can go Far beyond Every Average Line


With All Our Energy We Support & Assist You
In Communication & Presenting Solutions
We go Far beyond the Average Line & Mind



M&B In General
Mind & Body are The Two Components for Human Beings Which We General Need to Live. We have to Build Up and Take Care for Them. They Are Our Instrument and Vehicle to Think and to Move Forward.


M&B Training Programs
To Build Up and Stay In Balance, Cayenne Offers You a Wide Range of Different Training Programs. Our Programs are Related to Develop The Body & Mind as One. The Holistic Approach Let You Experience Life in a Different Way. From This Perspective The Total of One is Greater than The Sum of All Single Parts.


M&B Treatment Programs
Besides Training Programs, We Also Offer a Number of Treatment Programs. If You Like to Relax or You Need A Wellness Program, You Can Call on Cayenne.


M&B Coaching Programs
Cayenne Also Offers You Different Coaching Programs, Dependent of Your Needs and Circumstances. We are Trained to Supply You Programs for Personal, Life and Trauma Coaching.


Please Have A look in Our Coaching Programs. For Any Question or Remark, Please Contact Our Service Desk.


M&B Program Residence
- We Offer All Our Mind & Body Programs Only in BE & NL
- For Training and Treatment Abroad, Check Cayenne-Spirit










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Mindfulness Involves Paying Attention 'on Purpose'. Mindfulness is Associated with Buddhism where it was Originally Found.

For Beginners Mindfulness is a Strange Occupation. Mindfulness is a Form of Meditation in which One in a Non-Reactive Manner is Aware of the Physical and Mental Sensations and Situations of The Moment. Mindfulness is an Attitude that is Characterized by Acceptance of the Inevitable Negative and Positive Experiences.

Mindfulness is Used to Reduce Stress and to Let You Be Aware to Look Different to Yourself, Your Situations, The World in Common.

Get in Touch with Meditation and Experience the Feeling of Letting Go. Get in Touch with Yourself ...



- YOGA -




Yoga is Said to Be for the Purpose of Uniting The Mind, Body, and Spirit. Originally The Word Yoga comes from Sanskrit.

Nowadays Yoga is Known in Different Styles. Each Style represents Postures in an Active or Less Active Way. Some of Them Focus on Breath while Others Focus More on Pains in The Body.

Cayenne Offers Different Yoga Classes in Be & NL. For Experienced Users as well for New Ones. We Also Organize Journeys to The Center of Yoga: India

Discover The World of Yoga with Cayenne ...






Massage is The Key to Make Connection. Connection between Mind & Body.

With this Definition, Massage is More than Only Touching to Feel Comfortable. Massage is Healing for Mind & Body. Massage will Let Your Ki-Energy Flow. So Not Only for Trapped Muscles or a sore back. Massage is a Proven Method for People Who live in Stressed Conditions. A series of Massages, related to Other Therapies, can Make the Neccessary Connections between Body & Mind to get Rid of a Depression.

There are Two types of Massage. Classical Sweeping & Holistic Pulsing.

Learn The Basics of Massage & Let People Experience More Intensive The Connection with The Energy of Life.






Tantra is The Sanskrit Word for Weaving, Expansion and Liberty. Tantra Invites You to Participate Fully in life. Acceptance of the Beautiful and Less Beautiful Things in Life which We Weave as it were, Together. Light & Dark  -  Yin & Yang  -  Female & Male.

Tantra Challenges You to Be Consciously Present in Each Moment, without Judgment, without a Goal & Expectation. Tantra is Free from Dogmas & Religions.

Tantra is The Point to which You Will Be Challenged to Review and Experience from Your Own Experience, Ancient Beliefs and Ideas about Yourself and The World. 


Tantra is an Eastern Way of Life where Love, Connection, Acceptance & Living in the Present Moment becomes Central.

It's a Sentiment Doctrine on Bodily, Emotional, and Spiritual- Energetic Level. In Tantra You are Confronted with Yourself Entering a Process of Learning and Receiving, Acceptance of what is, of Light & Darkness.

Tantra is a Fine Way when You Feel the Desire to Connect You with the Essential Now, Yourself, Your partner and/or Other People.

Tantra Programs :
- Introduction to Tantra
- Tantra Massage Programs
- Relation Therapy with Tantra



- NLP -



Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a Powerful, Effective Method to Quickly Gain Insight into The Motives and Motivations of Our Actions.

NLP Teaches You to Look at Experiences and Events in a Different Way. This Look will Give You a Structural Different Perspective on Situations. You're Going to Listen and Communicate Differently and the Effects are Positive and Immediate.

With NLP you are Going to Work with Your Senses, Thoughts and Feelings with the Aim to Be Aware of these Influences. This is Not just a Question of what you Remember, but for the Operation of Your Memory. NLP Will Have a Big Impact on Your Thinking, Acting and Behavior in Daily Life.

NLP focuses Not on Problems but on Solutions. NLP Reaches in the short term, a Balance within Yourself. You'll be Able to get the Best out of Yourself and Others and therefore in a Different Way with Yourself and Others to Go.

We at Cayenne Work with Accredited NLP Staff Members.

We offer You The Following NLP Programs:
* NLP 2-Day Program
* NLP Practitioner
* NLP Master Practitioner
* NLP Coaching Program






Personal Development in General Includes Improvement of Awareness, Knowledge and Skills of The Self.

For Most People Counts during Their Younger Years They Grow Up with The Basics in Communication & Fellowship. They Inherit their Cultural and Religious manners and Ways from Their Family and Habitat. But in Their Lifes Most People get Serious Challenges regarding Relationships, Being surrounded with Difficult People, Money involved Issues, in Communication and Above all Loss in General.

Knowing This, for Most People it Should Be very Helpfull to get some extra Training and/or Practical Information. To Train Your Mind & Body How to Look at and Respond to Life, to situations and Circumstances particular. Above all, how to React & Communicate Specific.


We at Cayenne Offer You 4 Different Categories to Make You Stonger in View, Knowledge & Skills. 4 Different Categories with a Variety of Programs. Please have a Look at the Following Categories and Pick a Program of Your Choice.

Cayenne Categories Personal Development:

- Personal
- Communication
- Assertiveness
- Agression

Personal Development Programs at Cayenne:

- Personal -
* Personal Insights & Affectiveness
* Personal Leadership & Control
* Working in a Team
* Scrum

- Communication -
* Social Communication Skills
* Assertive & Confident Communication
* Interview Skills
* Authentic Speaking & Presenting

- Assertiveness -
* Assertive & Confident Communication
* Targeted at Work
* Time Management
* Assertive Action, Assertiveness 

- Agression -
* Conflict Handling, Dealing with Difficult People
* Anger Management
* Against Bullying
* Against Mobbing









Happy Guy


Accompany At The Right Moment At The Subject You Need !

Private or Personal Coaching at Cayenne is Regular A Short Time of Outstanding Assistance & Guidance in The Area You Need.

* A Coach of Cayenne Assists You to Reach Your Goal
* We Overlook and Do Everything to Achieve the Goal
* Excellent Results Will Be Achieved in a Short Time
* You Will Get More Aware, Focussed & Consciousness
* Your Results Will Be Different
* Our Coaching is Based Upon NLP, Ki-Energy and Communication Skills




- LIFE -




Are You Someone Who Wants to Get More Out of Your Life ?
At Cayenne You are at the Right Place !

A Coach of Cayenne Works with You and Helps You to Reach Your Goals to Get What's on Your Mind. We make a Plan and Do Everything to Achieve the Goals. Life Coaching is a Powerful Tool so Excellent Results can be Achieved in a Short Time. Together We Work with You to The Ultimate goal of a More Pleasant and Easier Life.

Subjects to Get You Out of Your Comfortzone:

* Awareness & Consciousness
* Self-Confidence & self-Esteem
* A More Balanced Life - Mentally & Physically
* Better Relationships - Partner, Kids, Family, Collegues
* Study & Job Coaching
* Entrepeneurship




I Can - I Will


- WORK -




In an Average Life Time, Most People Get Hurt. It Would Be to Beautiful Nothing Tragical Happens.

A Trauma is an Emotional Damage. A Trauma is Born When for Example A Loved One Dies, A Marriage is Broken Up, A Job is Lost, Etc ... The Chance for a More Deeply and Longstay Trauma Occurs When More Tragical Events Take Place in a Short Time.

We at Cayenne Handle in A Different Way then Other Organizations To Support Clients with a Trauma. In a Nutshell: Our Approach Focus at Practical Solutions Where Possible, Explanation of The Traumatised Situation and a Short or Long-term Combined Mind-Body Treatment.

We at Cayenne Work with Accredited Staff Members. Our Treatments Can (Partly) Be Reimbursed with Your Dutch or Belgium Health Insurance Company.




If You are in an Urgent Need Now, Call Directly Our Service Desk to Contact One of Our Professionals !


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Reguarly Taking A Reiki Treatment Makes a Big Difference for Your Mind & Body, Your Health in Generally. The Ki-Flow in Your Body Will Be Activated. Reiki Treatment Increases Your Vital Force. Besides The Energy Boost You Will Experience More Inner Peace.

Cayenne Offers You Individual Treatments, Eventually Combined or Included with or In A Wellness Program. First Time You Receive a Reiki Treatment ?  You don't Need Any Experience. Just Enjoy !

Cayenne Offers Reiki Treatments In Cooperation With Different Reiki Masters Across Belgium and The Netherlands.



- YOGA -



Yoga is The Port to Feel & Look More Youthful. The Yoga Exercises Increase Your Vital Force. They May Be The Answer to Sustain Beauty, Feel More Healthy and Experience More Inner Peace.

Within Small Groups Across The Countries  - BE & NL -  You can Practise Different Forms of Yoga. Prior to Join A Cayenne Yoga Group, You Need to Have Yoga Experience. If Not Yet, Please Follow a Yoga Class.

Join Us, Meet New Friends and Change Your Life Style. We from Cayenne Support You in a Life Changing Challenge To Make You Feeling Better.

Cayenne Offers Yoga Classes In Cooperation With Different Yoga Centres Across Belgium and The Netherlands.






Anyone Enjoys A Good Massage! To Feel Afterwards a Different Person. To Know How It Feels Again How Life Energy is Flowing Through Your Body, Your Brains & Vains. To Get Rid of All of The Shit. To Step Out of The Massage Room and Feel Like Your Daily Worries Never Will Return Again. It All Feels Like A Rebirth ...

Cayenne Offers Different Massage Treatments. Some of Them are Included in A Wellness or Spa Program.

Have a Look at Our New Massage Programs.  Book One of The New Massage Treatments, Share Your Experience and Make Chance on The Cash-Back Action.