Een leven in Balans

'Een leven in Balans', beschrijft in 4 woorden wat we allemaal nastreven. Zonder te benoemen wat voor een ieder de balans inhoudt. During our time on this planet, we all want 'The Best' for Ourselves and Our Loved Ones.

Life is a Big Barrel of 'Possible Experiences'. Some living beings experience life as frightening and difficult. Indeed Life is challenging us every day. That's for sure. But is it life itselves or is it how you deal with it ?

We at Cayenne tell you: 'Life is Simple'. As said: 'Every Outcome towards Life / Mother Nature in General is OK'. We all have to deal with these outcomes, if you like it or not. 'Accept Every Outcome which crosses Your Path'. Nothing is Impossible.

Let us Assist You in daily life to Master Your Plans in Business or in Private. We Support You in Empowering Yourself, in letting Go and Experiencing You more and more Your Inner Peace'.


Discover Our Programs

You want to get the Maximum out of Your Life ?

We offer you different Programs to Empower You in Your Life. To Empower You to Live with More Inner Balance. Results will finally not only affect You. Also the Outcome towards Your Environment, the People you work with, You Love will Show Up.

See the Time and Money you spend on Yourself as an Investment so you are Grounded for the rest of You Life. The Process of Inner Engineering will Affect You with an Outcome so You can daily Practise at the rest of Your Life. You will be Inspired and Empowered so You Stand Your Ground in Every Possible Situation.

Discover Our Programs with the emphasis on Meditation, Experience & Awareness of Ki-Energy, Mindfulness, Thorough Communication and above all a Different Way to Approach Yourself, Circumstances, Life & The World.


Our Concepts of Life

People Think Different, Act Different, Experience Different, Are Different, Become Different ... All Different because of Interests, History, Gender, Background, Education, Religion or Cultural Influences ...

Become Different in Mindset, Attitude & Action ! That's where we can make a Difference !

During a Life Time You Evolve in Different Ways. One of The Reasons Why We Live on Planet Earth. One has a Tremendous Tragic life, one another an overwhelming one. It's not that's all dependent of your Own Choices or Personallity, But there is a point in Time you can make the Difference. The Difference in How You Deal with Circumstances.

You can Change Your Concepts of Life !

Overall with Our Concepts of Life, We are Convinced We Can Support and Accompany in Making The Difference for You ...

Our Mission
Cayenne is quite a New Brand in the Market of Making People More Powerfull.

* Powerfull in the way of Living Your life with More Happiness and More Awareness.
* Powerfull in the way of Exploring Your World with all your Talents, as well for your Mind as Body.

Our Mission is to Focus on Developping Individuals & Teams to get the most out of Them. Handling with Care, a High Awareness, Proven Methods and a totally different Approach, We take care so You Explore Your World in a Way You Never Expected to see before.

Comparing to others we handle in a Different Way. We don't think in Limitations or in Boxes. We lost them all ...

Our Brands & Services
Cayenne Global Group provides different Brands & Services.

Our Brands:
* Cayenne Mind & More
* Cayenne-Travel
* Cayenne-Spirit
* Cayenne-Business

Our Services:
* Mind & Body Training
* Individual & Business Coaching
* Travel & Spirit

As Mentioned, We offer Products and Services for Individuals and for Businesses, as well Locally as Abroad.

Our Locations & Audience
Cayenne Global Group B.V. operates from Central Europe.
Main office based in Amsterdam Area, The Netherlands.

* Individual Coaching & Business Support: Only for Audience in The Netherlands & Belgium
* Group & Business Training: Only For Audience in Europe
* Travel & Spirit: For World Wide Audience

We Offer Excellent Training locations based in The Netherlands & Belgium.
If necessary, We also Provide Services in house or at a location You Prefer.

Who We Are
We are a group of Bachelor educated Professionals specialised in different areas. We have in common we like to help, serve and educate people. Our professions lay in the area from Coach, Trainer, Team Lead, Project Manager to psychologist. Most of us have a Dutch or Belgium background. We all speak multiple languages, with the preferation for English and Dutch.

As Individuals, we have years of experience in our fields of interest. Most of us have travelled around the World or lived Abroad in Remote Areas where other Cultures & Backgrounds are different from The West.

You like to meet us in person? Please visit the Cayenne Crew Page.

The Founder

The Founder of The Cayenne Global Group B.V. is Gert-Jan Uytdehaag, a Dutch Entrepeneur with Passion for Travel, Technique & Personal Development. An Ordinary guy with a Big Passion for Life, Love, IT, Travel & Understanding.

Please visit the Founder Page if you are curious about his background.

Happy Collegues

What about the Company Name
Wait and guess till the time ...

Our History
As said, quite a New Brand, but with lots of Knowledge & Experience.

As Individuals, most of the time in the field for other Companies, we made Miles in Serving clients & Businesses. We travelled around the World. We met lots of People living in other Cultures, we lived with them having different Habits & Backgrounds. We Explored Ourselves in Different Ways, Resulting in Looking and Thinking towards other Approches & Solutions.

We attracted & lost Money, Companies, even Family Members, Good Friends and Close Loved Ones. In the Years, We Fell Down & Got Up again. We Won & Lost ... But at the end, We became only More Wise, More Peacefull & above all More Gracefull.