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About Tantra
Tantra is ... the Endless Universal Energy of Life Circulating in Everything. It fuels Every Single Process in Life Including the Sky, Earth, Ocean, Forests, Plants, Human beings or Animals. Ki-Energy appears in All Living Ways.

For those who are Sturdy, Prone to diseases, Quick-tempered, Easy-going, Long-lived, Short-lived, Lucky and Unlucky, They are all related to Ki. As said, Humans are All Born with a Certain Amount of Ki. You can use it in Any Way, but if You Use it, You will Lose it. If Lost, You will Lose Your Energy and Vivacity, Becoming Prone to Mental and Physical Diseases. If you want to Enhance the Joy and Meaningful things of Your Life with Ki, Developing your Ki while it is Not Quickly Consumed is the Strategy for Life !




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The Awareness of Your Ki-Energy
Most People are Aware of Their Ki-Energy, but Not in a Conscious Way. You can say: 'They take it for Granted'. A Strong Life Force makes a Human Being Totally Alive, Alert and Present. While a Weak Force Results in Sluggishness, Stress and Fatigue. That's How, Without the Knowledge behind it, We are Aware of it.

You are More Able to Aware and Deal with It if You Know How The Ki-Life-Energy is Working. Indeed Everyone Observes his Status of Mind & Body Every Moment of the Day, so Why Not Regulating it in a Positive Way.

Increasing & Developing Your Ki-Energy
You can Increase and Develop Your Ki-Energy to Overcome Illness, Become More Vibrant and Enhance Mental Capacity. It All Operates Inside You. Every Moment of the Day You can Activate the Awareness & Feel the Movements of this Life-Giving Energy.

More & More People are Aware of their Condition of Their Body or Mind. One of a Kind want to work on It. They go to the Gym or visit a Psychologist. Surprisingly They are Not Aware of the Cohesion between the Body & Mind and The Source of It. They Don't See fighting the Outcomes is Not the Solution. You have to Start at The Source.



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ki-Energy Programs
We at Cayenne Show You in a Conscious Way the Insides of the Relation between Body, Mind, Spirit and Ki-Energy. We do this in a very Sufficient and Peaceful Way. Independent of your Background or Knowledge We Offer You Appropriate Programs. All Our Programs are Theoratical & Practical Based. From This Point You will Experience Life in a Total Different Way. 


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* Ki Foundation Program *

The Basics of Ki Energy
Practical Based
One Day Program:  3 to 4 Hours
2 Times a Month
Different Places in Belgium and The Netherlands
Available for Students and Business Relatives
Price Range: 90 to 125 Euros
Ki Book Included




 * Ki Advanced Program *

Finished The Ki Foundation Program
More Sophisticated Knowledge & Practises
One Day Program: 3 to 4 Hours
Once Every Month
Different Places in Belgium and The Netherlands
Price Range: 90 to 125 Euros




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 * Consciousness Program *

Finished a Ki Program
More of Reiki, Ki & Energetic Flow Links
4 Day Program: to 4 Hours a day
During One Month Once a Week
Different Places in Belgium and The Netherlands
Price Range: to 575 Euros



* Spiritual Journey Program *

Optional Program
Finished The Ki Advanced Program
22-Day Program
Part of a Travel Journey Organised by Cayenne-Spirit
4 Times a Year
India and/or Bhutan
Price Range: 2850 to 3600 Euros